Publications about MRI simulation

Recommended reading:

H.A. Nieuwstadt et al., Numerical Simulations of Carotid MRI Quantify the Accuracy in Measuring Atherosclerotic Plaque Components In Vivo, Magn Reson Med 72:188–201 (2014)

H.A. Nieuwstadt et al., A Computer-Simulation Study on the Effects of MRI Voxel Dimensions on Carotid Plaque Lipid-Core and Fibrous Cap Segmentation and Stress Modeling, PLOS ONE | DOI:10.1371 / journal.pone.0123031 April 9, 2015 (open access)

T. Stoecker et al., High-performance computing MRI simulations. Magn Reson Med 64:186–193 (2010) (see also the JEMRIS website)

More info on MRI simulation can be found here.

Publications by the openGTN project

Research will start 1 July 2018, any publications resulting from the research will be listed here. The aim is to publish as much as possible in open access journals.

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