Management structure

The picture below shows the openGTN management structure:

management structure openGTN

Prof. Marcel Breeuwer (see team) is the overall project coordinator, responsible for managing the training & research in the network, communication with and reporting to the EU officer assigned to the project, chairing the supervisory board, monitoring progress of partners, ensuring correct financial management, stimulating results dissemination, monitoring risks and issues, and facilitating dispute resolution.

Supervisory board

The supervisory board consists of all supervisors (see team) of the 3 Early-Stage Researchers (ESRs) and is chaired by the overall project coordinator.

To monitor progress towards the research and training objectives, the 3 ESRs will have regular project meetings. These will involve weekly meetings with the supervisor(s) while in the home and visit labs and regular skype / teleconferences with collaborators in each Work Package (WP). Face-to-face meetings for each WP will take place at half-yearly progress meetings.

At the half-yearly progress meetings, the status of the activities will be compared to the planning and timely finishing of deliverables will be monitored. Proposed changes in activities or planning will be discussed in the supervisory board and if agreed upon, documented and archived.

Apart from the regular progress meetings, milestone review meetings will be organised with the supervisory board at the appropriate time. In these meetings, it will be decided if a milestone can be passed and if so, this decision will be documented and archived.

ESR training towards PhD

Prof. Josien Pluin (see team) is responsible for shaping and monitoring the research training of the 3 ESRs, who all aim to write and defend a PhD thesis at the Eindhoven University of Technology. Training progress will be regularly discussed in the Supervisory Board.