PhD defense of Sina Amirrajab

Sina Amirrajab

On 20 April 2023 Sina Amirrajab will defend his PhD thesis entitled “Simulation and Synthesis for Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Image Analysis”.

Location: TU Eindhoven, Building Atlas, room 0.710 (map)

Time: 13:30 – 15:30

The defense is public, you are welcome to attend!

openGTN PhD researcher Sina Amirrajab has investigated physics-based simulation and deep-learning based synthesis of cardiac magnetic resonance image (MRI) data. Together with openGTN PhD researchers Aymen Ayaz and Yasmina Al Khalil he showed that deep-learning based image segmentation can be significantly improved by augmenting real human MRI data with the simulated and synthesized data. His research has resulted in ample publications. His PhD thesis can be downloaded here,

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