Public workshop “Realistic MR image simulation for deep learning training” on 27 March 2020

The openGTN project organizes its first public workshop on the theme “Realistic magnetic resonance image simulation” on 27 March 2020 at the Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands.

The three openGTN early-stage researchers will present the approaches investigated so far to generate realistic simulated MRI data and will discuss the use of these data to improve deep-learning based MRI segmentation. Thereafter three renowned, invited speakers (prof. Stoecker, prof. Rueckert and prof. Kozerke) will give their view on the subject, from different perspectives. The workshop will close with a discussion about how to make MRI simulations even more realistic.

Workshop attendance is free of charge, but registration is required (note: limited seating available!). More information and a registration form can be found here.

Scientific dissemination started!

The first openGTN project results will be presented at the ISMRM Benelux 2020 scientific conference, 24 January 2020, Arnhem, The Netherlands.
Three presentations will be given:

“Improving the generalization capability of deep learning-based algorithms for ventricular cavity segmentation using simulated cardiac MR images”
(oral presentation by Yasmina Al Khalil)

“Towards generating realistic and heterogeneous cardiac MR simulated image database for deep learning based image segmentation algorithms”
(poster presentation by Sina Amirrajab)

“Pipeline for Simulating Realistic Anatomically Variable Normal Young, Aging and Diseased Brain MRI”
(poster presentation by Aymen Ayaz)